The Major Disadvantages of Advancing Technology

Technology is so popular that it doesn’t even need an introduction. It wouldn’t be wrong if we say that technology has simply changed the world in every way imaginable.

Although people throughout the world believe that technology has led to so many improvements in their lives, there are also a fairly large number of people who would be quick to point out how adversely it has affected their lives.

Unfortunately, most of the times, we only focus on the advantages of technology, and not the other side of the coin. However, in this post, we will.

Here are some of the major disadvantages of technology.

Loss of jobs

All the jobless data you see most of the biggest countries of the world talking about is probably directly linked to the advancing technology. There have been machines and robots taking over the jobs of people, as they can do things humans can, perhaps more effectively and accurately. More importantly, however, they wouldn’t ask for salaries.

Loss of jobs

This would actually lead to a problem greater than it seems on the surface. More jobless people mean mounting debts, no savings, and lack of investment. This would obviously eventually lead to major economies in the world starting to tumble, only to make us witness more of those horrifying recessions and depressions.

War weapons

Technology has actually mean one of the most important reasons behind the destructive environment the world is currently in. Most notable examples are the terrifying world wars, and the inhuman bombing of Hisoshima and Nagasaki.

War weapons

However, technology has ensured that if there’s another world war, it would probably lead to more destruction and lost lives than both the world wars combined. It’s due to the fact that technology has helped even surprisingly smaller countries to produce what are known as “nuclear” weapons, which are more than enough to make the Earth a miserable place to live in when used in wars.

The evil side of social media

Although people all over the world are praising the social media for making communication more convenient and easier, it has caused its fair share of destruction as well.

The evil side of social media

It has actually led to stressed relations among the near ones, as people are busy staying connected with their friends in another part of the world. However, this is nothing when compared to the people committing suicides because of something going wrong with their social media reputation, or the wrongdoers finding a better way to scam innocent people.

A final word

As a final note, we would like to mention that these issues were being brought to light by various renowned names in technology, including the highly reputed name in the industry, Anand Mishra of Star Infranet.


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