Things You Need to Keep in Mind on Becoming a Manager

Things You Need to Keep in Mind on Becoming a Manager

Becoming a manager is considered a huge achievement professionally. However, more importantly, it tends to affect your life drastically. In fact, many times, becoming a manager changes one’s life forever. This is especially true if dealing with difficult employees becomes a part of your job.

Whatever it is, though, if you want to start your new journey as a manager on a successful note, you may want to keep the following things in mind, as suggested by Anand Mishra Star Infranet, a popular Indian entrepreneur.

Being transparent

It’s common for employees not to know much about what happens at the higher level management. This often causes a communication gap, which may at times lead to restricting the growth of the organization.

Being transparent

Now although it’s not possible to share every single piece of detail that you get to know as a manager, especially if they include some confidential stuff, it’s perfectly fine to share information about the company that wouldn’t lead to any kind of issues.

However, if you don’t share anything with your team, they may feel that you’re uncommunicative and don’t trust them. This can eventually result in your team not putting in their best into the work they are assigned.

Developing a relationship with your team

Although it seems pretty obvious, it’s surprising how often new managers overlook the importance of developing a relationship with their team.

Developing a relationship with your team

As Gretchen Spreitzer, professor of management at the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business says, not developing a relationship with your team is one of the biggest mistakes new managers make.

Trying to learn about your team, about what they’re professional as well as personal lives, helps create a solid relationship that goes a long way in ensuring a smooth communication between you and your team.

Appreciate even the small efforts

Appreciating your employees now and then whenever they put a little more efforts than they are supposed to, helps foster a positive environment. You need not always wait for a project to turn successful to take time out to thank your team. You can even pick the small things to make them feel special.

Appreciate even the small efforts


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